Quality Policy

Harvest Design & Contracts

All our activities are carried out in accordance with our Quality Policy that is listed below:

  • Harvest Design & Contracts acknowledges the need for quality in our service of Interior Works and Engineering Services that we offer to our clients. Hence we ensure the same to maintain proper relationship with our clients.
  • Executing the project according to the agreed contract remains inherent to our business relationship with our clients. We intend to deliver the promised results through the careful consideration of client needs from concept to completion.
  • We make sure that all our client needs / project requirements have been fully understood by our team of designers and engineers and ensure that they are met.
  • With the expertise and experience in Interior Works and Engineering Services, we intend to carry out all our work consistently to a defined quality standard.
  • Harvest Design & Contracts has the skills and resources to fulfil its client requirements.
  • All our staff, including designers and engineers who will be working on the project, are fully trained and involved in quality improvement.
  • Harvest Design & Contracts intend to continuously improve our systems, processes and procedures to keep up with the rising quality norms and we only use services that meet our own quality assurance standards.
  • A professional approach to client interaction is always maintained by our team of experts. We always ensure that our clients make well-informed decisions throughout our contract phase.
  • Harvest Design & Contracts follows a standard approach for project management - from client identification to receiving purchase order from client.
  • All complaints and suggestions regarding the quality of our service will be dealt with efficiently and within stipulated period of time.

This quality policy statement has been implemented into the Harvest Design & Contracts, involved in Interior Works and Engineering Services and it will be reviewed at regular intervals.